History of the National Paramedic Competition

The National Paramedic Competition began in 2001 with the hosting of the first event by the Durham Paramedic Association in Whitby, Ontario.  Each year since then a committee of volunteers has worked hard to bring a great experience to the competitors.

In the beginning the competition was simply called the Durham Paramedic Skills Competition. Over the last several years the event has grown tremendously. Interest and participation by both Paramedics and Sponsors has pushed this event to the level of a National Competition and in 2008, the Durham Paramedic Skills Competition officially became the National Paramedic Competition. Paramedics take pride in competing in the Advanced Care Paramedic Division, the Primary Care Paramedic Division and the Paramedic Student Division, which puts ‘soon to be’ paramedics to the test.

The competition continues to grow each year with returning and new competitors alike. In 2017 the event changed locations for the first time and was hosted in Ottawa. The move was so well received that we have continued on the move for next year and are pleased to announce that York Region will be the host of next years event.

Truly a National event…

Although based in Ontario, teams have travelled from across the country to compete in this event. Provinces represented over the years include Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia (as observers).  We were also honoured to have hosted teams from the Canadian Forces in the past.

An International event…

In 2009, for the first time, an international team competed.  We were very pleased to welcome paramedics from Holland to our event.  We look forward to hosting more international teams in the future.